East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan

What updates do you want to see in the City's 20 year old Sustainable Communities Plan for East Honolulu?


Our mission is to uphold the integrity of the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan 

We have many goals but our primary ones include:


1. Educate residents on issues that impact the quality of our lives and increase community input and involvement at the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board meetings.


2. Learn and share the knowledge about our wetlands, natural and scenic resources, cultural and historic landmarks. Encourage community stewardship.


3. Preserve the agricultural farm lots in Kamilo Nui Valley that serve as a natural watershed and open space for our community and the visitors that are passing through.



One of the best ways to learn about the growth and development of our community is to understand the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan. Here you will learn about the city's vision for East Honolulu as well as understand development guidelines regarding setbacks, height restrictions, what the urban growth boundary is and why it is so important. Reading this plan is only the start... You need to couple it with keeping a watchful eye on who wants to build what, where and when, and research it to see if it is in violation of this plan. For example; did you know that Kamilo NuiValley is outside the urban growth boundary (UGB) and that according to the city's vision it should remain that way through 2020? Did you know that from 1995 to 2020 residential growth should be limited to no more than 6,000 new residents? Did you know that commercial expansion should be limited to the boundaries of the current retail centers?




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